Communication for Leaders

As a leader, you play a key role in talents staying or leaving. You are also the one who ensures that diversity is a strength, and that people are motivated by a clear vision and strategy. Fundamentally, you are also the one who can create an environment of openness and trust so that people can grow, take initiative and innovate. 
This training is focused on learning by doing. Are you interested in brushing up your skills? Have you done a leadership course, but felt it was too theoretical? Never been prepared for your role? 
Dive in and focus on applying the skills you need on a daily basis with practical, down-to-earth tools. You will be working on how you give feedback, transmit vision and strategy, delegate, coach and create environments of psychological safety.

Key Takeaways

You will get: 
- Concrete tools to help you recognize when you need to communicate, how and what. 
- Learning by working so you can apply the concrete solutions directly to your job. 
- Full access to our digital content to consolidate your learning 


- 2-day training courses
- Optional one-on-one coaching
- Available in English, French, Dutch and German