Our values

Our values are what drives us from within and what defines how we behave towards the outside world. They were chosen with our soul as well as our head, by the whole team. They inspire us to live them and to make you live them too.

Driven by people

We have been driven by people from the very start. From our humble beginnings in languages to where we are today. Experience, expertise, energy… are all reflections of the quality our people bring to work everyday. But being themselves and bringing all of themselves has always been the main focus. This is what allows our people to drive us forward and we are grateful in sharing that common vision. This vision leads us to you, our partners. Your people place their trust in us and we are committed to supporting you in reaching your goals. We are dedicated to surpassing the standards and, together with your people, in doing whatever it takes to driving success for your organisation.


Committed to impact

Challenging the status quo is what makes us tick. Why settle for less? Everyone at Atolo is mobilized towards making a difference. What will have changed after our intervention? What can we do better? What impact will we have had? Can our level of impact be how we measure ourselves? Impact is an ambition and we are dedicated to targeting results which really matter. Results which really matter to your organisation. When you are in need of a tangible outcome, we challenge you in defining what success looks like and what you need to change in order to succeed.


Dedicated to growth

Curious by nature is part of our DNA. It allows us to be in a position to better understand the world organizations live in and the challenges they face. It underscores what we need to build up as expertise and identify how we can help you and be impactful. We believe impact and engagement lead to growth, your growth. And we are dedicated to it. The questions of who you are, who you want to become and who you need to become. These are our first questions to you. Your answers will scope your growth and we will provide you with the expertise to overcoming your inner obstacles, in increasing your skills and engaging your people.


Pro Bono

We don’t give back because it is the right thing to do, we give back because it is what we want to do. Our pro-bono work is aimed at supporting social-entrepreneurs with their communication. We are servants to these very inspiring people who want to change the world for the better and empower them to tell their story authentically, clearly and powerfully.

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