When experts become people leaders

In this masterclass, you will explore how you as an expert can transition into a people leader. Learn the keys to navigating this shift, mastering the art of inspiration, collaboration, and success. From career crossroads to leadership skills, this training guides you in the essentials of evolving from technical mastery to influential leadership impact.
Self awareness is at the core of leadership, the core of working with other people.
Jonny Gifford

Key learnings & practicalities

Understand the psychological and professional shifts required when moving from expert to people leader.
Learn to adapt your leadership style to accommodate and leverage the diverse expertise levels within your team.
Develop practical techniques to foster an inclusive, collaborative and psychologically safe team environment.
Gain a better understanding of the different roles a leader needs and discover tools that can help you be the leader you need to be at different times.
Craft a compelling vision that aligns with organizational goals, inspiring your team towards a common objective.

Target Group

For professionals transitioning from individual expert roles to leadership positions.

Format options

  • 1 day group training
  • Individual coaching (online) available
  • A la carte: tailored to your need

Languages available

English, French, Dutch
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