Reinforce multilingualism in your teams

Untap the full potential of your multilingual team to become an intercultural team! 
Your colleagues are trying their best to learn your native language. You support them the best you can, but how can you become a real mentor? And how can your team benefit from the strengths of an interlingual culture? 
This training consists of multiple hands-on workshops that provide you, as a team member or as a team manager, with practical tips and tricks in language learning. You will experience and apply practical approaches in your day-to-day work. What’s better than a team that reinforces and challenges itself in its diversity? 

Key Takeaways

You will be able to: 
- Facilitate your colleagues in acquiring their target language, on the spot and on the field 
- Strengthen the bonds and improve the collaboration between team members 
- Design, implement and evaluate a durable and stimulating multilingual culture 
- Apply on-the-go tips and tricks, based on learning psychology, to aid your team members 
- Steer peer-learning in the right and most efficient direction


- Maximum 10 people with an experienced coach
- Interactive workshops for you as a team manager or as a team member
- Available in English, French, Dutch and German.