Teams In Action

“Creating teams which are connected, have the skills to interact better and are driving performance.¨”
Do you believe that a team which interacts well is critical to your strategy? That a team with psychological safety is critical to innovate and make the difference? That in a process of change it is critical to keep your people onboard?
Welcome to Teams in action! A solution aimed at improving how your people interact and providing them with the skills to do it better!

Key Takeaways

You will get:
- An inspiring moment in which the team connects on a deeper level
- Skills required to create psychological safety in the team
- Increased alignment in the team on what their team dynamic should be and clear actions identified on how to achieve it
- An innovative culture where ideas, solutions and insights can be shared and challenged.
- Buy-in from your team into change and other strategic initiatives


- Different options:
Webinars: Short interactive webinars open to large groups
• ½ day: Increasing connection
• 1 day: Strengthening ways of working
• 2 days: There is a deep need
Available in English, French, Dutch and German