Straight out of the ATOLO laboratory for 2023, these new training courses have been a big hit in some leading organisations. Do you want to know what they are?
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Reinforce multilingualism in your teams
Your colleagues are trying their best to learn your native language. You support them the best you can, but how can you become a real mentor? And how can your team benefit from the strengths of an interlingual culture?Untap the full potential of your multilingual team to become an intercultural team!
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Communication for Leaders
As a leader, you play a key role in talents staying or leaving. You are also the one who ensures that diversity is a strength, and that people are motivated by a clear strategy.Dive in and apply the skills you need on a daily basis such as giving feedback, transmitting vision, delegating and being assertive.
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Teams In Action
“Creating teams which are connected, have the skills to interact better and are driving performance.” Do you believe that a team which interacts well is critical to your strategy? That a team with psychological safety is critical to innovate and make the difference? That in a process of change it is critical to keep your people onboard? Welcome to Teams in action! A solution aimed at improving how your people interact and providing them with the skills to do it better!
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Too busy to train if there is no value, right? That’s why the key ingredients we bring are so appreciated.