Communication mapping

Imagine having the possibility to take an X-ray when things are not going the way you would like them to go within your team or organisation and obtaining the qualitative data you need to take decisions.

Wouldn’t you think it was worth it?

Based on the Actor Network Theory (ANT), this method helps us visualise and understand the communication issues in teams and organisations which are stopping them from maximising their potential and reaching their strategic goals.

The robustness of this approach is due to the fact that it goes beyond people to cover the factors in the environment.

Step One: Mapping the points (entities) which influence a situation

Step Two: Analysing in order to identify the actors (those things which exert the greatest influence).

Step Three: Providing recommendations on how to eliminate/ minimise the disruptions and align your team/ organisation.


An aligned organisation is one in which every strategic decision is followed by the question ‘what will we need to do to buy-in and align our people in order to make this work’.

ATOLO solutions address the pain points which come from turning vision and strategy into implementation. They address the fact that a lot of big projects end up failing when their people do not use them, the fact that the people selling are not aligned with the people who develop ...etc.

Communication is the tool we use to help teams and organisations speak to each other, understand each other, inspire each other and find solutions together.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Aligning teams (example: product development and sales)
  • Creating self- learning organisations
  • Implementing strategic initiatives (e.g. Living the customer journey, keeping initiatives alive)
  • Knowledge transfer

Do you want to avoid having initiatives which are created at a high cost and then die?